Welcome to Leeds, Alabama!

We are in the middle of an exciting overhaul!  So, please come back often to check our progress as we’ll be done over the next few weeks!

If you need information about Leeds, Alabama in the meantime, call our Chamber at (205) 699-5001 or City Hall at (205) 699-2585.


Leeds, Alabama spans two exits of I-20 just east of Birmingham

If you are travelling or visiting our community there are 24 hour gas stations off Interstate 20 at both exits 140 and 144, along with 24 hour food stops and grocery stores at exit 144.  The local police and fire non-emergency number is (205) 699-2581. There are numerous hospitals in the metro Birmingham area and the closest hospitals to Leeds from Interstate 20 are St. Vincents East - (205) 939-7000, about 8.5 miles from exit 140 and Trinity Medical Center (205) 592-1862, about 10 miles from exit 140.